Absolute leader of tyre sales

Leading independent and exclusive tyre distributor in Iberian Peninsula

Andres Group’s history has been built with talent, effort and dedication limitless. Those are the key business skills of Mr. Eustaquio Andrés, the person who started selling tyres in a workshop at the age of 14 and nowadays the group sells 2 million of tyres around the world.

The company was founded in 1980 in Salamanca and under the direction of Mr. Andrés, the company has become Iberian Peninsula’s leader independent and exclusive tyre distributor and one of the world reference of the sector.
Andres Group supplies 2 millions of tyres anually and 120 millions of euros in terms of invoicing.

The main warehouse has 40.000 square meters and more than 10.000 tyres are downloaded every day, storing tyres of more than 70 brands.
Providing tyres of the top Premium brands and other of high quality and competitive price as an official brand supplier.

There are more than 180 people working directly in the Andres empresarial group and more than 250 working indirectly. This achievement has become thanks to the loyalty of more than 12.000 clients that Andres Group have today around the world.

After 36 years of milestones and the prestige of the tyre sector worldwide, it feels like this is only the beginning.


The largest tyre distributor of Iberian Peninsula.

During a normal day, tyres can be delivered in more than 10 different countries, in more than 1.000 different cities. That is manage from the headquarters of Andres Group in Salamanca where we receive more than 1 million of phone calls ordering tyres annually and shipping every hour tyres to guarantee the delivery in every single place of Spain, Portugal and south of France in 12-24 hours.

Diary, we resolve the needs of our clients shipping from the warehouses of Andres Group 8.000 tyres, in thousands of expeditions to every single place in Europe and Africa.


From 1980 until now


A committed family business


Vision and future


Corporate news

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Social responsability

Andres Group pays the Eco taxes which correspond to the two authorized companies by the law to pick-up and treatment of tyres out of use (SIGNUS and TNU).

Neumaticos Andres participates and collaborates with the integral system providing around 3% of the total invoicing of the company, fulfilling with the Royal Decree-Law 1619/2005 dated 30th of December.

Andres Group is actively involved in fuel-saving acquiring and placing in the market ecological patterns that the main manufacturers launch as energy-saving and low rolling resistance. Thanks to the sales of those products, in the last 5 years, Andres Group has collaborated with a saving of 21 million of fuel liters and saving 24 million of € to the consumers. This has supposed a reduction of around 126 grams of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.


Committed to social purposes and entities