The leading tyres distributor in Spain

As a segment referral, the Andres Group is the best and most solid option for the guild as it focuses its entire strategy in the search of maximal profitability for its customer base.
From its very beginnings as a small tyre workshop in Salamanca, almost 30 years ago, the group founder and president Eustaquio Andrés Sánchez has made the Andres group in the first exclusive and independent tyres distributor of the Iberian Peninsula.

Our suppliers are the main manufacturers in the world, and our robustness and purchase power allow us to configure an excellent and dynamic sale price.
Daily we manage more than 15.000 tyres from more than 30 different brands in our 70.000 m2 of warehouses that hold more than 500.000 tyres.

Our stock is composed of every tyre type, which allows us to cover any requirement from our thousands of customers. We include into our catalog economic tyres for the customers that have a tight budget, as well as newest models in the market with all the technological advancements.

From enormous tyres for civil engineering projects, to the smallest ones used in maintenance and wheelbarrows, including day to day use for any vehicle, all the way to car and motorcycle’s racing and circuits, from the main brands in the world.